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Verity White- 'Breaking out' Album Review

Well what a interesting rocktronic (yes its a thing) masterpiece breaking out  is. Verity collaborates with her husband Alex on the album and it really is a match made in musical heaven. With verity focusing on the vocals and lyrics for the album and Alex working on the production the finished project is the exciting album Breaking out.

The first track and album title 'Breaking out' sets the tone for the rest of the album which is empowerment, attitude and a sprinkle of sass. Verity's strong raspy vocals are very empowering and her sound really draws you in. The mixture of Verity's powerful rock vocals featured in songs like 'Breaking out' and 'I don't care' against Verity's haunting classical angelic vocals in songs such as 'exhale' and 'Zeroes and ones' is not a combination you often come across in music. This shows real talent and also shows Verity is not afraid to stand out and try something abit more daring with her music.

Breaking out really has something for everyone and would appeal to a wide range of genres. However there is definitely a progressive rock influence and I love the sound produced when rock music is combined with a classical sound.

Breaking out is definitely a singing into your brush in your bedroom album, whilst air grabing and doing some air guitar of course. It is an album you could listen to on repeat on a road trip and never get bored. It is a album you could never get tired of and discover something new everytime you listen to it. Verity should be very proud of this achievement, the album is strong both musically and lyrically and her vocals are powerful and endearing.

Below I have featured a short interview with Verity to get to know the crazy cat lover behind the album. I also had the pleasure of watching Verity live in London on her recent tour promoting the album and I would highly recommend going to one of her gigs. There was lots of giggles and dancing and great music... a perfect gig night. Her next gig in London is on the 30th March at 93 Fleet street, East London and you can email verity directly for tickets. Hopefully see some of you guys there!


Remember its so important to support live music venues and live artists!

Verity White interview 2018

Hi verity, great fun watching you and the band perform, so how long have you been together?

I actually only made the leap to start releasing my own music about 18 months ago! Until that point i did not have the confidence to put anything out there, but when i came back from a tour of Europe as a backing singer in the band Pendragon, people started asking if they could buy MY music - I never thought anyone would be interested before! Alex and I had a chat and decided that we’d work together on my first release (Parentheses) and it went from there. He writes the basic structure and then I work on lyrics and melodies and we finally record it all and then add incidental parts. The boys in the band only came along in November when I started to focus on getting gigs as Alex plays all instruments on the releases (yeah, he’s one of those annoying people!)  

When did you first start singing and writing music ? Did anyone in particular inspire you?

 I’ve sung since forever, my folks regularly tell me that I’ve always been loud and wanted to be Centre of Attention! I started learning guitar at age 9 and writing songs at 11. I even had a recording studio trip for my 16th with my Dad who got his band to come and play some extra parts for me, I think I still have that on cassette somewhere! My parents inspired me really as they were in a function band and I loved listening to them rehearse, I remember also listening to Fleetwood Mac and Aretha Franklin and just thinking - YES - this is what I want!

What genre would you class yourself as?

Oh MAN! I find this so hard... I’ve taken to saying RockTronica as it’s a combo of rock and electronic music is most of the songs.

What's your favourite type of venues to perform in ? 

Small fun ones where I can get a great sound and good energy from the audience!

Most memorable experience performing? 

We supported Pendragon on their European dates last year. I walked out to a sold out gig in Holland, about 1000 people and introduced myself to a massive cheer, I then introduced Alex to another cheer and told them he was my husband - that got a massive BOO! So funny! 

Highlight of career so far ?

Probably actually just completing my very first tour and making it a success! That was such a sink or swim moment for me and I never knew how it would go!

Future plans ?

Loads more gigs, music and happiness!

Where would you like to be at the end of this year what's the dream ?

Ideally with some festival dates under my belt and a bigger fan base than I started with! Obviously music full time is the dream so however that can happen I will try!!

Do you have certain techniques when writing songs ? 

Alex and I work separately on them actually, he works up structures and I then work on the lyrics and melody and then we come together to finish them off. As my confidence grows I’ve taken to writing a bit more with my guitar, which is fun, and we're working some of those into songs for he new album too.

Is there a theme for your album ?

Breaking Out is a very real account of overcoming my personal demons that hold me back.

Best thing about touring ?

Friendly times and fun!!

Biggest diva in the band ?

Definitely Alex - he’s the only one of us who can’t live without a proper bed and a hairdryer!!

Funniest person in the band?

That’s so hard! Everyone is SO funny which is why it’s so much fun touring! Though I think I have to say Mac (drummer) as he comes out with some classics!

Funniest moment on stage on your recent tour ?

Evil Death unicorn! I’m just gonna leave that there with no other explanation.

Any band secrets ?

If I told you they wouldn’t be secret ;) 


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