Monday, 22 October 2018

Single Review : Cornelis Gerard 'Look Back and Laugh'

Cornelis Gerard is an extremely honest punk poet/ singer-songwriter coming from a Dutch and Northern Irish background, its perhaps this background that makes him the great storyteller he is. The genre of music he plays is quite unique and can range from punk, indie and a bit of jazz swing throw in there for good measure. Gerard is now based in London and gigs various venues with his band making audiences laugh with his witty lyrics. Over the Autumn months, Gerard will be releasing four singles and below I take a look at his second single release "Look back and laugh", enjoy the read.

As a fellow London resident, I connected with 'Look back and laugh' straight away and felt I could really associate with the lyrics. Cornelis talks about his experiences when he first headed for the bright lights of London Town. I think a lot of people will connect with his honest style of writing he is very relatable as an artist. The Great thing about this track is by the second time the chorus comes around you know it and you can't help but sing along, smile and dance. As a musician this is all you can ask for really that your music makes people happy, dance and relate.

The melody to the song is very happy and positive but yet some on the lyrics are quite serious, this style of songwriting reminds me of the Smiths in the 70's it's very clever. One of my favorite lyrics from the song is "cause scars remind us who we " even know its a small line in the track it gives a sense of empowerment to the song and the listener, it sends out a positive message within the song and makes the song personal to each individual listener and their personal challenges and scars.

Cornelis style reminds me of Elvis Costello, Ian Drury, Mickey Jupp and the whole pub rock scene in the 1970's. The pub rock revolution was an thrilling time for live music in London and created a fresh interest in Rock and Roll and really focused on bringing back live music to smaller live music venues. Furthermore this encouraged lots of bands to sign to independent music labels. I would love to see the music scene back like this in London and around the world for that matter. On that note, this is why it is so important to support unsigned artist such as Cornelis out there gigging on the live music scene and recording their stuff independently.

Cornelis is releasing four singles this Autumn 'Look back and Laugh' is the second release the third single 'It Won't Kill You' is out Wednesday 24th of October. Cornelis and his band will be performing on Thursday 25th of October at the Roadtrip near Old Street to celebrate. If you enjoy some punk rock, poetry and a good old pub singalong please go check them out.

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  1. Happy days Cornelius! Great write up and very well earned! Love the song too of course!