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Single Review: Frankie Urbano - 'Everytime'

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'Every time' is a powerful yet delicate soulful single from singer-songwriter Frankie Urbano. The slow tempo of the song is actually very clever as its a complete contrast to the lyrics and the meaning of the song. Frankie wrote the single about how people are constantly rushing around and competing in life to find their place, rather than just slowing down, stopping and appreciating what they have. The slow tempo and raw vocals make you stop and listen to the lyrics and what the song is about, this works by simplifying the track too with just Frankie her guitar and vocals. This is definitely Frankie's niche and it is very brave as it leaves you exposed as a vocalist with little room for error.

This style does not surprise me with Frankie as she comes across as a very brave inspiring young artist who is fearless when it comes to writing her music. She writes from the heart and shares a lot of personal experiences and feelings in her writing which in turn I feel earns the respect of the listener and helps them maybe connect to the music in their own way.

Frankie's tone is very relaxing,. soothing and  therapeutic and you can hear her jazz and soul influences in her vocals. If you are looking to spend some time relaxing and appreciating good music check 'Every time' out you will be inspired, comforted and possibly come away feeling some gratitude for life.

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I managed to catch up with the Lovely Frankie for a quick interview which I have featured below:

Firstly how long have you been singing and playing guitar? 

I started learning to play guitar and piano when I was 14 year old at my local church in Tenerife. Thats when I realised I could also sing and absolutely fell in Love with sound and all things musical. 

What inspired you to start singing ? 

I would always sing along to classic 90s pop groups like the spice girls, S club 7, backstreet boys and also loved Avril Lavigne and Kelly clarkson at the time, but I never really found my own voice until my teenage years when I joined the local church band alongside my dad who was the guitarist and my oldest sister who played bass guitar. This was where I found my feet musically and was able to experiment and evolve musically around people who encouraged and pushed me to pursue my talents.

When writing your own music do you have a routine ?
Or can you write anywhere at anytime ? 

Writing music for me comes in flows. I find I get a lot on inspiration and ideas from other artists music and grooves, but the best way for me to write is on my own in a quiet beautiful location where I have space to think, breath and create without any distractions. I prefer to write lyrics with my guitar as I feel I can flow better and I also prefer to use a pen and paper rather then typing out lyrics onto my laptop. Drawing images whilst I’m songwriting always inspires me and that’s why I prefer to do things on paper.

Who are your influences when it comes to music ? 

My musical influences are Peter Gabriel, Gabrielle Aplin, Kelly Clarkson, Tori Kelly Ella Fitsgerald, Frank Sinatra, Jamie Cullum, Etta James, Ella Mai… I listen to so many different genres but these are the deeper more soulful, jazz vibes that I feel I can relate to my own music and emotions.

What genre would you put yourself in? 

I would say my music is alternative acoustic soul. But I don’t like to put myself in a category as I feel music is creating through emotions and knowledge so it can change genre at any time. Putting yourself in a box will only restrict the musical flow.

What’s the dream? Plans for the future? 

I have so many dreams, but my next goal is to perform on cruise ships which is currently in process as I just got accepted onto the P&O carnival cruise liners books. My parents met on cruise liners and its been something I’ve always wanted to experience for myself. Performing on cruise ships will be an amazing opportunity and I am very excited to say the least!

Can you tell us a bit about the background to every time and what it is about ? 

“Every time” is a song I wrote at university a couple of years ago. I was writing about a topic I am extremely passionate about and have strong views on to this day. This song is about the corruption of this world we live in. The lyrics focus on how everyone is constantly rushing around trying to earn their place in society. Competing against each other and buying the latest gadgets, cars, houses searching for this empty happiness that dissent last. No one takes the time to just to a deep breath and appreciate life for what it is, good health, the trees, and fresh air, the people around us. I feel so strongly about having gratitude for the things we have as gratitude is one of the healthiest of all human emotions. If you can appreciate what you have and learn to be thankful where you are, you will automatically end up having more.

The chorus to the song explains how the only time I can truly connect with my dreams is when I close my eyes. This is just a metaphor for myself and my way of switching off to the dramas of the world and believing in myself and my dreams that I know I’m on a journey to fulfill. 

You were recently involved in a music documentary with BBC Sesh , how was that ? 

I was approached by BBC Sesh Wales to work with them on a project that connected my music and the grieving of my dad. This was something I was really excited to do as my dad was a huge part of my musical journey and still is so I was proud to talk about the way I used music and lyrics to grieve him and share this with other people. I had some amazing feedback from people who had been through similar circumstances and could relate to the video so I was so thankful for this opportunity as it helped others.

Your music seems very personal , do you find writing music can be therapeutic? 

Yes I definitely think songwriting is therapeutic for my personally as its a way for me to express my emotions and create a feeling that I then hope others can engage with.

I think it’s very brave as a musician to write about personal issues as you are really putting yourself out there , would you encourage other young singer/songwriters to do the same ? 

I think music as you say is very personal to each artist and you can choose to be as vulnerable or as low key as you wish to be. For my personally the way I write is very open and honest. I find people can relate to my lyrics better when I am clear and authentic about my situations. In the past people have taken a song of mine and related it to a completely different circumstance that they are going through and I think that’s the beauty of music and sound. Everyone is on their own journey, but music can always connect us in some way.

Lastly it’s seems especially over the last few years their has been a drop in young people going to college/university to study music. There seems to be abit of a stigma behind studying music and people are being pushed into degrees they are told are more academic. Any advice for young musicians out there wanting to go and study music ? 

I personally don’t see an issue with doing a degree in music as I did this myself. I think I learnt a lot of valuable skills throughout my degree as it was performance based but the theory was really helpful too. However I do feel that studying creative arts can in some ways dampen the creative flow that you have when you’re just doing something because you love it and it excites you. I think things like deadlines and specific topics that you’re encouraged to do are great is some aspects as you learn to work under pressure, however it can also take away the creative flow so id just say be sure its what you want to do and be prepared to work on things that may be exactly what you would do musically without the structure of university.

Remember guys it's important to support young artists like Frankie they are the future of music, and it's inspiring to see a young artist like Frankie try and use her platform to help others.

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